Crypto ecosystem
Falconix is the ultimate cryptocurrency ecosystem, that allows full control over your digital assets; offers a complete spectrum of state-of-the-art features to make the most of trading and creates possibilities to raise your portfolio to a whole new level. Falconix offers absolute best available set of services using proven technology for security of operational data, complex automation solutions, experienced third party KYC/AML provider and a full-time professional team and 24/7 dedicated support. Falconix stands firmly as one of the most secure, user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange and customer oriented platforms on the market, delivering top quality services and maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction.
Falconix OTC desk and liquidity provision
Falconix exchange offers OTC desk services and operates with most of fiat-crypto currencies. It is founded and regulated under European Law. We are able to settle most OTC deals on the same day and we offer a personal support, where you will be assisted privately by one of our professional trading support specialists.
With thousands of global clients, we can offer liquidity in many countries and most major currencies such as BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT etc.
Portfolio Management
Falconix offers a selection of the most advanced features to maximize the potential of your portfolio. Powerful cryptocurrency portfolio tracker makes asset management on multiple exchanges and online cryptocurrency wallets easy. We combine all your digital assets in one optimized dashboard, where you receive price alerts, real-time updates, and best fit tools to follow market dynamics without losing an extra minute.
Margin trading
Falconix empowers users with margin trading feature. Cryptocurrency trading is very risky on its’ own, but margin trading turns out to be a great way of boosting the gains, while not increasing the risk that much, making it a go-to solution for experienced traders who want to maximize the profit potential.
So how does it work exactly? Margin trading is basically operating using borrowed money to “lever up” a trade, creating a larger position with a smaller amount of the traders' funds. Falconix lends some amount of funds to the trader to increase the size of one's order, which as a result boosts the gain if the trade is profitable. For example, if you place a margin trade with a leverage of "3.0", Falconix will triple your order size by lending you twice the amount you chose to open the position, with the according amount to be repaid once the position is closed.
Multiple Cryptocurrency exchange
Falconix exchange supports all major crypto and fiat currencies, tokens, altcoins and stablecoins. Built-in asset management tools allow you to track your holdings, compare currencies across several exchanges and control your portfolio easily. Users can buy, sell, receive and send, track, hold and trade most major cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, tokens, altcoins and stablecoins.
Open API for high frequency trading
Falconix offers a variety of HFT (High Frequency Trading) algorithm tools to make use of. HFT algorithms can be operated via an open API on our exchange. Users can choose a specific algorithm depending on their current needs - i.e. quick, small sum trading or long-term trading strategy involving bigger amount assets.
All of the open HFT APIs can be acquired from Falconix algorithm marketplace which is accessible directly within the exchange. Users can acquire HFT tools in exchange for any of the assets they hold on their Falconix account.
Crypto-backed loans
Falconix is able to offer to its customers Crypto-backed Loans. At the core of the crypto backed loans feature, our automated processes govern the network, determine loan rates (how much you get, how much you have to repay, how soon, etc.) and ensure a smooth operation at any given moment. Differently from many other cryptocurrency exchanges that offer crypto backed loans, Falconix issues a loan against your assets and you don’t need to sell them, thus avoiding the need to pay any capital gains taxes for loans made against crypto assets. In addition to that, Falconix requires no credit check and you can get your first paycheck in minutes after the registration.
On our exchange, you can borrow cash instantly with the best loan-to-value ratio on market, without losing your assets.
We have an exchange and it works.
Falconix offers a selection of the most advanced features to maximize the potential of your portfolio.
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